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The Office of the Dean of Students provides a variety of services designed to support student success and engagement at Boise State University. We play a significant role in supporting and empowering students and their families during difficult times. Contact us for friendly assistance and referrals to other vital campus resources. We can help you meet your academic goals.

Campus Location
Campus School, Suite 120 (2100 University Drive)
Mailing Address
1910 University Drive, Boise, ID 83725-1370
Phone: 208-426-1527
Map to Dean of Students Office


Headshot Chris Wuthrich

Christian Wuthrich, Ph.D.

Dean of Students

I am a practitioner-scholar and student advocate with close to 30 years of experience in higher education and Student Affairs.

Ask Me About:

  • Advocacy and student-related issues
  • University policy pertaining to students
  • Faculty and staff concerns
  • Research on students and student success
  • Careers in Student Affairs
  • Request a Presentation

Headshot Lauren Oe

Lauren Oe, LMSW

Associate Dean of Students

I am a licensed master social worker with 15 years of experience in crisis response, advocacy, risk assessment, and case management.

Ask Me About:

  • Boise State CARE Team
  • Campus and community resources
  • One-on-one student support
  • Student self-efficacy
  • The Parent and Family Association
  • Request a Presentation

Anna Moreshead, LMSW

Assistant Dean of Students

My prior social work experience in mental health, child welfare, and program development fuels my commitment to see underrepresented students succeed in higher education.

Ask Me About:

  • The Impact Scholars Program
  • Navigating financial, academic and social challenges
  • Case management support services
  • Student engagement in campus and community change
  • Request a Presentation

Headshot Kyrsti Wyatt

Kyrsti Wyatt

Assistant Dean of Students

With my educational background rooted in psychology, I am passionate about helping others and improving my surrounding community. I previously worked as a Compliance Investigator for the Nevada Division of Welfare & Supportive Services.

Ask Me About:

Headshot Madison Hansen

Madison Hansen

Academic Integrity Program Director

My previous work as a composition instructor, writing consultant, and academic mentor helps me support student, faculty, and staff as they navigate academic integrity.

Ask Me About:

  • Using academic integrity as a guide to get the most out of your education
  • How to work with tutors, learning assistants, peers, and faculty members successfully
  • Writing, collaboration, and ethics
  • Teaching strategies to foster academic integrity in your learning environment
  • Academic dishonesty reports, sanctions, and appeals
  • Request a Presentation

Headshot April Thorndyke

April Thorndyke, LMSW

Outreach and Prevention Case Manager
208-426-1527 ext. 3489

I’m a licensed master social worker and hold a certificate in Dispute Resolution. I obtained both my Masters and Bachelors of social work at Boise State. I have clinical experience both in the medical and mental health field, working with adolescents, adults, and families with mental health disorders, trauma, and substance abuse. I come to the University from the Boise VA, and specialize in serving the unique needs of the Veteran population.

Ask Me About:

  • Suicide Prevention Awareness & Training
  • Suicide Risk Assessment/Safety Planning
  • Consultation and Coaching
  • Sources of Strength peer prevention project
  • Campus and community partnerships
  • Request a Presentation

Headshot Brooke Barton

Brooke Barton

Conduct Process Coordinator/Hearing Officer

As a Hearing Officer, my goal is to educate and empower students to make informed decisions  on and off campus. I strive to help students understand the importance of accountability and responsibility when making decisions. I have a passion for empowering individuals to create positive change(s) in their life to help them achieve their personal goals.

Ask Me About:

  • Student Code of Conduct
  • Student Rights & Responsibilities Pertaining to Student Conduct
  • Data collection

Travis Hughes

Veteran Services Coordinator

Prior to taking over as the Veteran Services Coordinator, I recently retired from Active Duty after serving over 20 years in the United States Air Force. I am passionate about education and serving the Veteran community. I look forward to working alongside and serving Veteran and dependent students at Boise State University!

Ask Me About:

  • My own educational experience while Active Duty
  • Applying for the GI Bill
  • Services and extras provided by the Veteran Services Office
  • PAVE (Peer Advisors for Veterans Education)

Headshot Collin Peterson

Collin Peterson, MA

Operations Support Coordinator

I am a seasoned program and product manager with a master’s degree in counseling psychology. As an Idaho native, I returned to Boise in 2017 to pursue my passion; to educate, engage, and empower others to thrive.

Ask Me About:

  • Navigating processes within the Dean of Students Office
  • Notary Service

Headshot Stephanie Neighbors

Stephanie Neighbors

Assistant to the Dean / Business Manager

I’ve enjoyed working directly with students for more than 24 years within Student Affairs (Student Activities, VP for Student Affairs and Office of the Dean of Students).

Ask Me About:

  • Scheduling with the Dean
  • Student support, student death notices, grievances
  • Emergency student locator services
  • Courtesy Student Absence Notifications
  • Student Handbook

Headshot Rachel Zarr

Rachel Zarr

Administrative Assistant II

I have nearly 10 years of experience in administrative support with Boise State University, both in the Office of the Dean of Students and Housing and Residence Life, and enjoy helping students reach their potential.


Headshot of Lauryl


Office Assistant

Headshot of Leah


Office Assistant

**For additional assistance/accommodations please call the Office of the Dean of Students at (208) 426-1527 , e-mail or visit our office (located in Campus School, Suite 120).