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Parents and Families

Parents and families information and resources

The world, and higher education for that matter, is in a state of constant change. On college campuses faculty and staff must consistently adjust to student demographics, new curricula and the reality of funding constraints.

While no website can provide answers to every question, these pages can provide general information about resources for families. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, please contact us.

  • Parents and Families of First-Year Students

    Starting college can be both an exciting and scary experience for students and their families. Below are topics and resources to consider while providing support to your transitioning student.

    Encourage Activities

    Help your student get involved on campus. Encourage interests. Inspire them to join a student organization, volunteer or participate in some of the many free programs and events offered at Boise State. It’s a chance to make new friends, develop leadership skills and connect what they learn in class with practical concepts.

    The research isn’t fiction. It reveals that the more involvement a student has on campus, the better chance of them staying in school and graduating successfully from college.

    Employment: Generally, students who work manage best when working no more than 20 hours a week. Contact the Student Involvement and Leadership Center or the Career Center for more information.

    Coursework Assistance

    It’s not uncommon for students to struggle academically their first year in college. It’s been said that students can expect to drop one grade point in college from their high school cumulative GPA. Although this isn’t true for all students, some do find themselves in this predicament.

    The best defense against academic challenges is a good offense. Students should develop time management skills and treat college like a full-time job, devoting much of their school week to preparing for class and studying. Poor time management, and not difficult class content, is generally the culprit for failing grades. Encourage your student to contact the following offices for support: Advising and Academic Support Center, Writing Center, Counseling Services.

    Health & Wellness

    The three leading reasons students visit campus counseling centers are anxiety, depression, and relationship issues.

    College can place significant emotional and mental stress on students at a time when they are experiencing significant cognitive development. Boise State University has services to help students navigate these changes.

    Call the Counseling Center at (208) 426-1459, and for more information, visit Counseling Services.

  • Parents and Families of Adult Students

    Adult students are described in college and university literature as students over the age of 25, and the majority of adult students return to college following a career change or significant life transition. Depending on how long your family member has been away from the education system, there may have been changes in them and in the classroom.

    Encourage your student to think about these changes as opportunities and establish a new path with Boise State’s support.

    • Check in with faculty during office hours. Students should seek feedback about classroom expectations and general academic performance.
    • Does your student see themselves as a worker who learns or a learner who works? While not every family’s circumstance is fortunate enough to support a full-time adult student, finding balance between school, work and family/relationships is key for success.

  • Your Role in Student Success

    Education is a partnership. To ensure your student’s success, please consider:


    Does your student know what is being asked of them?

    • What are your student’s expectations of the educational partnership?
    • Where does your student want to take their future?
    • Planning ahead and establishing expectations results in a fulfilling career upon graduation.
    • Does your student know about all the financial aid options at Boise State University?

    Faculty utilizes multiple methods to deliver information and to assess outcomes.

    • Does your student have all the materials needed to be successful?
    • What is your student’s expectation for service delivery?
    • Are they aware of all university policies that may have an impact on their experience?

  • Resources for Parents and Families

    Parents and Families News and Organizations – Stay connected with your student and other Bronco Families.

    College Board – A nonprofit group of several hundred colleges and universities that educates and promotes the college experience.

    United States Department of Education – Information about federal laws, policy, student loans and resources.

    Boise State Financial Aid & Scholarships – Resource information for services.

    Boise State Registrar – Links to academic policy, school calendar, and course catalogs.

    New Student Programs – Membership in Bronco Parent & Family Association.