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Amnesty Protocol

Amnesty for Complainants

The university encourages students to report violations of the Student Code of Conduct and other university policies and crimes and seek emergency medical assistance whenever necessary. The university understands that students are often hesitant to seek emergency medical assistance or report to university officials because they fear that they themselves may be accused of policy violations, such as underage drinking at the time of the incident. It is in the best interests of our students that they feel free to seek emergency medical assistance whenever needed. It is also in the best interests the Boise State community that when policy violations occur, they are reported to university officials. To encourage reporting, whenever possible, the university will respond educationally rather than punitively to the illegal use of drugs and/or alcohol. Student Code of Conduct charges will not be filed against a student for drug and/or alcohol policy violations if that student acted in a responsible manner by seeking emergency medical assistance or later makes a good faith report of a violation of university policy.

Amnesty for Good Samaritans

The welfare of students in our community is of paramount importance. At times, students on and off-campus may need assistance. Boise State University encourages students to offer help and assistance to others in need. Sometimes, students are hesitant to offer assistance to others, for fear that they may get themselves in trouble (for example, a student who has been drinking underage might hesitate to help someone in need of emergency medical assistance or support by contacting the police or campus authorities). The university pursues a policy of limited immunity for students who offer help to others in need. While policy violations cannot be overlooked, the university will provide educational options, rather than punishment, to those who offer their assistance to others in need.

Adapted from the NCHERM Model Sexual Assault Policy (2010)