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Japanese Student Recognized with International Bronco Award

Japanese Student Recognized with International Bronco Award

Yusuke Uchikoshi

Yusuke Uchikoshi, a Boise State student from Japan, received the International Bronco Spirit Award. The International Bronco Spirit award is the most prestigious recognition for Boise State international students who embody the spirit of Boise State on and off campus. Ihmels, head coach of Boise State’s cross country team, presented the award at the Fall 2018 International Graduation Celebration on December 12. 

Coach Ihmels described Yusuke as “the epitome of spirit, whenever we got new Bronco gear he was really excited to put it on and it meant a lot to him.”

Yusuke is a Mountain West Champion and helped the Boise State team win multiple Mountain West Championships. He is an All American athlete and is the fastest runner for the 3000-meter steeplechase as of 2018.

Yusuke was very determined to be a Bronco which meant he had to take the TOEFL 35 times before he was able to attend.

He will be returning to Japan after graduating and hopes to make the next Olympic team for Japan.

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