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Procedures for Addressing Academic Misconduct

1. When academic misconduct has been alleged, the following procedures will be used:
     A. The faculty member will document the incident of academic dishonesty;
     B. The faculty member will notify the student of his/her belief that the student has
committed academic misconduct and will provide the student with an opportunity to
respond to the allegation before making a final decision.
          a. Students will meet with faculty in person to discuss the allegation before a final
decision is rendered.
          b. If the instructor is unable to meet with the student or if the student disputes the
allegation(s) and/or the outcomes proposed by the instructor, the instructor shall email
the student to allow for a response regarding the allegation before making a
determination as to whether the student did or did not violate the course policy pertaining
to academic integrity.
          c. Both the student and/or the faculty can have a person (advisor) attend the meeting if
they so choose. The role of the advisor, however, is to provide support and thus should not
directly engage in the discussion occurring between the student and the faculty member.
An exception for this may include the Department Chair who, if choosing to participate in
the discussion, has a responsibility for the broader academic environment of the
     C. The faculty member, after hearing the students’ response and after consultation with the
department chair, will notify the student via email to the student’s Boise State account of:
          a. a finding of academic misconduct has been determined, citing the reasons for the
decision; and
          b. the sanction imposed for the offense. Sanctions must be in keeping with the published
course policies.
          c. The right to request a review of the decision through the Office of the Dean of Students.
Student appeals must be filed within ten (10) days of the date printed on the decision
     D. The faculty member will notify the Office of the Dean of Students by providing a copy of
the decision letter and attaching all relevant documents.

2. If an accusation of academic misconduct is alleged by any individual other than the course instructor, the complaint will be referred to the course faculty for which the behavior occurred for review and action to be taken. In some cases, egregious acts of academic misconduct may be automatically referred to the Office of the Dean of Students for a formal hearing with a Conduct Board.

These referrals will replace the standard resolution for academic misconduct with the faculty member. Decisions rendered by a Conduct Board will be final and binding for the course and university status, pending the standard appeal processes.

Faculty, when determining what sanction to apply, may take into consideration whether it is believed the student has engaged in academic negligence or a more intentional act of academic dishonesty. Academic negligence includes, but is not limited to, the act of a student who, through ignorance, carelessness, or mistaken academic work, engages in behavior that, upon initial review, appears to be a deliberate act of academic misconduct but ultimately is found not to be intentional in the act. Academic dishonesty includes, but is not limited to, determining a student intentionally acted in a way to gain an unfair advantage over other students. It is the role of the faculty member to determine the severity of the behavior and determine the appropriate sanction. Boise State considers both academic negligence and academic dishonesty to be acts of Academic Misconduct and are violations of the Student Code of Conduct.

In general, acts of academic negligence should result in no more than a than zero for an assignment/test. For behavior believed to be acts of academic dishonesty, faculty are encouraged to sanction an “F” for the course. Multiple reports for academic misconduct (either academic negligence or academic dishonesty) may result in a formal sanctioning hearing where the outcome may result in suspension and/or expulsion for the student.

Please contact the Office of the Dean of Students at (208) 426-1527 if you have any questions regarding the process above.

Excerpted from Section 7 of the Boise State Policy 2020 The Student Code of Conduct.