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Academic Integrity

Spring Campus Scenes, First Day of Spring.

Academic integrity is the cornerstone of our educational system. Faculty and students who choose to embrace academic integrity create and maintain an energetic, creative, vigorous learning environment that challenges and encourages the whole community to excel.  Our community is positively impacted by each individual’s decision to act with integrity in their course work and the value of all Boise State degrees is enhanced when graduates demonstrate integrity in the classroom and in the work force.

When faculty and employers respect the integrity of the degrees confirmed and faculty are confident that their students will act with integrity, Boise State students find opportunities inside and outside the classroom and a network of professionals and alumni promoting their continued learning and success. A fundamental belief that Boise State students will uphold academic integrity allows individuals and companies to trust that the education documented on a resume indicates the content and skills mastery appropriate to the degree indicated.

When asked to define academic integrity, most responses include an emphasis on not cheating or plagiarizing, however, academic integrity is much more. Academic integrity encompasses the totality of academic rigor, ethical behavior, intellectual curiosity, appropriate teamwork and persistence. In short we are at our best scholastically and personally when we uphold academic integrity.  The pages within this site include the policy and procedures related to academic integrity and misconduct as well as workshops and resources to guide our community in maintaining a common, consistent definition of academic integrity and misconduct.